An ideal girl

An ideal girl should be cute, polite, kind and caring. She will always love you and do anything for you.

An ideal girl should:

  1. Being polite to you.
  2. Cooks meals for you.
  3. Helps you when you are in trouble.
  4. Take care of you when you are sick.
  5. Wears a cute dress.
  6. Have a sweet voice.
  7. Good at singing.

Unfortunately, ideal girls only exists in anime.


  1. they exist in real life too, its just a matter of time for everyone to be gifted.. in the meantime, if you would like a friend….i follow your work on rohitab since long time, and im really amazed by your talent and by your kindness of sharing everything. im doing some projects solo and your posts, every each of them helped me a lot in the never ending learning procedure. someday i will write you an email but im probably hesitating because you could be not intrested. have a great day zwclose7 🙂

      1. Trafalgar D. Law · ·

        yo, can you unblock my account?

  2. Marcos E. · · Reply

    Did someone said oedipus complex? >.>

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