A scary scorpion

This scary scorpion has a deadly poison attack. When an unit get attacked by this scorpion, it become poisoned. If the poisoned unit get attacked again, it will die immediately. The only way to counter this is cure the poison with potions before the poisoned unit get attacked again.

The Japanese name of this scorpion is shown in the following picture. The first three kanji in the name can be translated to “scarlet death”, a perfect title for this scary and dangerous scorpion.


When this scorpion is attacking, it randomly chooses 2 units and attacks them with it’s pincers, poisoning them. When the poisoned units get attacked again, they will immediately die.

This scorpion can also shoot out the poison from it’s tail. It fires a beam of poison from it’s tail and hitting all units, poisoning all units in one attack. The beam itself does not inflict any damage to units, it only poisons them.

The scorpion fires it’s poison beam from it’s tail.


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